Monday, March 21, 2011

Chiropractors Methods For Aligning Your Spine --- By Jim D Knight

When medicines can't help patients with their chronic back problems, chiropractic methods provide them the much needed respite. Chiropractic is a branch of healthcare that specializes in diagnosis, cure and prevention of mechanical problems in the muscular-skeletal structure of the human body, with special emphasis on the spine. This treatment is imparted through many techniques such as massage, exercise, acupuncture and food supplements.
Chiropractic practitioners firmly believe that disorders of the spine may affect the common health of an individual as it obstructs the body's function. Over many years, chiropractic treatments have the record of being one of the most excellent of treatments. It has obtained acceptance between medical circuits and healthcare institutes in the US.
Chiropractors apply chiropractic adjustment to align the spine. This is one of the most common treatments used in this field. According to a recent study, almost 90% cases that come to chiropractors, are cured through this method.
What is Chiropractic Adjustment?
Chiropractors align the spine through a spinal adjustment where a three-joint complex is taken above the normal range of movements, taking special care that the spine is not dislocated or damaged. A sudden jolt is used and attempts are made to increase the spine's range of motion.
It can cause a release which is audible. different methods are applied for aligning the spine such as massage, manipulation, stimulation, mobilization, etc. Once the spine is unlocked from its incorrect position it can easily realign itself. However, various sessions are needed before the spine sets absolutely.
What Techniques are Applied?
Since every situation is unique, chiropractors learn several aligning techniques. The weight, height and muscle structure of the chiropractor and the patient decide which approach or technique will be essential. Most competent techniques are the one that will align the spine without application of too much pressure. The chiropractors are trained how to contain pressure with respect to the patient's height, weight, etc.
Aligning your Spine the Chiropractic Way
This process of spine alignment is painless. Gentle pressure is applied with minimal force. Patients hardly complain about any kind of uneasiness. The popping sounds from your body don't mean something has broken within. These pops are produced due to small pockets of gas. They are equivalent to the cracking of knuckles.
Patients who don't loosen themselves or stay stiff during the therapy sometimes think some sorts of discomfort. For this reason, all chiropractic practitioners advice their patients to stay relaxed and calm during the whole treatment. Several first-time patients stay stiff and prevent the adjustment; with several sessions they tend to loosen up their body. With chiropractors who are licensed and trained to practice, one must not worry about damages. With several alignment treatments, the popping sounds will vanish and your spine will experience normal levels of flexibility.
Chiropractic methods for alignment can be used for:
* Stiffness and pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, back, chest, hands, hips, abdomen, feet,legs.
* Nerve disorders.
* Headaches.
* Arthritis
* Trauma and injuries in the body like whiplash.
* Sports injuries like tennis elbow, sprained joints, muscles and ligaments, etc.
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