Friday, October 22, 2010

The Chiropractic Experience

Everyone has been to see a doctor at some point in their life. Not everyone has been to see a chiropractor. Some processes are the same while others are totally different. Chiropractors are specialists in pain, and thus you know why you're going to see one. But what will happen?

First, like every other doctor's office, you're going to give them a lot of information. You'll start with demographic information, then medical history. Hopefully you've already contacted your insurance company to make sure your services are covered but if not they'll do that for you.

Next you'll see your chiropractor, and you'll start off with a conversation about your physical history and the history of the pain you want to address. The doctor will be trying to determine if there was a specific event that might have triggered the pain or see if there might be something you mention that might help explain why you're suffering the kind of pain you're in.

After that it's time for the real exam. You'll lie down on a table with your clothes on; a chiropractor rarely asks you to take your clothes off, although they might ask you if they can touch your skin in some instances. No matter where you say your pain is, they will examine your entire body, since where you say the pain is and where it might be originating may not be in the same place.

What you'll feel may not be what you're expecting to feel, at least initially. For instance, many chiropractors don't rub on the body to determine what your issues are. They will probe, which might be a series of pushing their hands into your body in certain places. They might just lay their hands on you in certain places.

What you may or may not be prepared for is the sudden push on the body that may produce a crack, which is what everyone's heard of. That can be jarring the first time, though some chiropractors will warn you its coming. A truth is that if you're tense you can repel the push, but it's best to trust your chiropractor because everything they do is to address your pain.

A few cracks and that may be that. You won't walk out of your first appointment feeling like a million dollars. Chiropractic services take time to work, along with exercises they'll give you to do, but at the end of a series of treatments you will feel better, be in less pain, and wonder why you didn't start with a chiropractor.

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