Friday, November 5, 2010

My Chiropractic Technique Experience -- By Michelle Mabalod

Have you heard about chiropractic technique? Have you been to a chiropractor?
Chiropractic medicine is an emerging alternative way of treating various illnesses. The word chiropractic is from two words which mean hand and manipulation. It is thus the barehand manipulation of the spine and the pelvis to tone and condition the nerves which innervate the various body organs.
We know that the brain is not just the center of our thoughts and voluntary activities. It is also the root from which spring an intricate network of nerves which control the whole body, even the ones beyond or outside our voluntary control and conscious awareness. For instance, right at this moment, a part of your brain is sending signals through a nerve down to your liver to detoxify some of the toxins (artificial colors, flavors and preservatives) from your last meal of canned goods. The command center is a specific part of the brain, the channel is the long, long nerve right up from the brain to the liver. The outgoing nerve is an offshoot of the brain and goes out either from the cranium or skull or the spinal column. The cranial nerves - olfactory, optic, oculomotor, trochlear, trigeminal, abducens, facial, auditory and glossopharyngeal nerves - shoot out from the brain and exit through small holes in the skull to innervate the sense organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, throat.
The spinal nerves shoot out from the brain and exit through holes in the spinal column to innervate the other organs of the body, both voluntary (muscles of the arms, legs) and involuntary (the perpetually beating heart and ever-working liver, kidneys, etc).
Chiropractic is based on the principle that to ensure health, the angle, shape and tilt of your neck, spine and pelvis should be in such a way that there is a smooth, unhampered channel of all the nerves which go out from it. There should be no pinches and kinks anywhere. Poor posture, such as leaning on one side only while standing,sitting down or lying, can upset the normal angle. Lack of exercise can also disturb the spinal angle by causing stiffness and diminishing flexibility.
A chiropractor is one who is trained in chiropractic to barehandedly manipulate the spine to bring about the normal angle and shape. My family has the privilege of having a chiropractor friend, a Korean. You may read about him in my article "Health and Wellness Personified."
We were riding in a boat one time when I suddenly had severe headache which I know would lead me to nausea and vomiting. I was worried then because I was breastfeeding my baby and vomiting might dehydrate me and the baby, too. Our Korean friend had me lie down still on the bunk and he did what you might think of as some" karate chops" to my neck and voila! The headache and nausea was gone.
If you are feeling some unexplained maladies, you might want to walk around the block and find some chiropractic clinic. Just make sure he is a true chiropractor or you might come out of it worse. Or if your place does not have one, just practice good posture. Think of your body as a two-legged structure which has to maintain balance.
A good posture keeps the chiropractor away.
The author is a Filipina, a pastor's wife and a mother. She maintains a busy household and ministry and a new health and wellness blog at This blog is an ongoing journal of her family's findings and experiences on health-related issues. The author can confidently recommend her blog to any person who wants bite-sized, practical, affordable, sensible and proven health tips.
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