Friday, May 3, 2013

The Benefits of Massage - By Dori Zafred

Massage strongly affects health and mood, especially if practiced regularly. Suitable for all ages, and you can massage yourself. To achieve the desired effect is to massage the entire body. Studies show that as many as ninety percent of disease is due to stress. Massage is a great way to get rid of stress, and with the use of relaxing essential oils effect may be even better. Massage relaxes the body mentally and physically. If you are under stress, treat yourself to a massage - it will guarantee to provide relief. Select the type of massage that suits you best. Massage is an excellent solution for problems with insomnia. With regular use it boosts the low and quality sleep. It is best to do a full body massage, but if you do not have sufficient time will be back massage or foot.
Heart patients massage is extremely useful because it relaxes, sleep, lowers blood pressure, and it can improve the appetite and mood. With sports massage relieves muscle spasms and inflammation, improves endurance and agility. Rub the muscles before exercise to be most active. Massage after exercise helps fatigue and exhaustion. Massage also helps with weight loss. It stimulates circulation and digestion, speeds up the elimination of toxins, stimulate the metabolism and lymphatic system, promotes better posture, strengthens the will and great effect on the skin. Cellulite massage strengthens skin tone, improves circulation and accelerates the loss of fat cells in critical locations.
Massage is useful for...
• backache
• arthritis
• rheumatism and stress and insomnia
• Headaches and migraines
• muscle inflammation and tension
• Depression
• cellulite and obesity
• Fatigue and exhaustion
• immunocompromised heart disease.
Application of essential oils in massage with herbal and essential oils are an integral part of the equipment of each maser. It gives a new dimension to a massage, and their scents can act relaxing or stimulating. Essential oils should always be diluted in a base oil, carefully opened and kept in a cool, dark place. Essential oils and their effect: Bergamot - acts as a natural antiseptic, helps with depression and acne. Oil is phototoxic, which means that after a massage with this oil should not expose your skin to the sun. Eucalyptus - a natural antiseptic, highly stimulating, helps with coughs, colds and pain. Chamomile - soothing, antidepressant, helps with headaches, insect bites and mosquitoes. Lavender - a natural antiseptic and analgesic, soothing, helps with headaches and insomnia, improves circulation. Nero - soothing, natural aphrodisiac, helps with anxiety and insomnia, nourishes dry skin. Rosemary - stimulating effect, improves memory, relieves rheumatic pains. It is ideal for sports massage. Ylang-Ylang - acting antidepressant and calming, natural antiseptic and aphrodisiac, it is recommended for the care of oily and sensitive skin.
Rose - a natural antiseptic, soothing and antidepressant. Tea tree - works against fungi and bacteria, soothes.
The power of touch is beneficial. Treat yourself to a massage or lighten your intimate good massage. Massage is a gift that affects the one who receives, and the one who gives.

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